Better construction projects through analytics

Hivemap visualizes a project’s key developments so project leaders can instantly focus on the crunch points. This means better and faster actions instead of reading lengthy reports and emails

Why Hivemap?

Ever feel like there’s too much stuff to read on your construction project to keep up to date? Let Hivemap read it and summarize it to enable you to focus on the relevant details.

Imagine starting each day viewing your project’s lifeblood in an easy-to-digest, visual feed on your phone. Hivemap enables you to focus on getting work done instead of reading about it.


Construction software is usually very expensive. Hivemap is for small and mid-sized companies, and it's free.


Construction software usually has lots of functionality and complexity. We believe in keeping things simple. Hivemap is as easy to use as sending a text message


Every construction project is different and each one is complex. We get it. That's why Hivemap is supported by powerful automation.

01. Paperless reporting and task tracking

Make ring binders a thing of the past. Get real-time site updates, assign and track tasks, and get everyone on the same page.

02. AI-supported summarization & search

Spend seconds finding and compiling important information, assisted by artificial intelligence searching, sorting and summarising your project data.

03. Automate tedious work

Forward emails and PDFs with audit results and actions and let Hivemap build an automatic task tracker.

“Getting rid of all this paper on site is great and making it easy to find information saves me a ton of effort"

Liam, Construction Manager

"The industry is going to love you for this"

Bruce, Project Manager

The team

Construction underpins everything we do, its products are all around us: the buildings we work in, the flats we live in, the tube we take to get around, and the roads we cycle on.


Yet few people appreciate the many plates construction professionals juggle at any one time; they have to keep up to date on heaps of reports, emails, messages, and data, across very complex projects.

We come from companies like Amazon, RELX, and Bechtel, and we help construction professionals create a better built environment for us all. This is why we’re building Hivemap.